Saturday, August 20, 2011


It’s a heavy gray now when I get up at 6am.  Autumn feels as if it blew in with the first of August this year, the air is cold,  the fireweed already dying back as soon as it is bloomed.  This time last year I was preparing for the birth of my daughter.  I wandered the house this hour imagining what this new person would be like, wondering if I would ever feel such delicious solitude again. 

And here I am almost a year later sipping coffee, writing my first blog post. Exhausted from waking up at 3:30 every morning this week and humming Moon River for half an hour. Whatever expectations I had about motherhood, they didn’t include being so tired, so sore from doing squats with a twenty pounder throughout the day, or being so uncertain—Moms are supposed to know everything aren’t they?

At any rate, as the title suggests, this blog is to be a space for weekly reflection, introspection, and, well, accountability. I’m not only a Mom, I’m a writer.  Whatever insecurities I carry about motherhood seem to mirror whatever insecurities I carry about my writing life.  Not so strange if you consider both are acts of creation, both demanding only the best of their creator. This blog is one way I intend to continue braving the blank page.

So I invite you to morning coffee each Saturday morning.  I’ll try to post early enough so you East Coast folks can join in too. Although, if I’ve been up late humming Moon River, I’m sure you’ll understand if the post is a little late.  I look forward to your writerly thoughts.

Happy weekend, Mercedes


  1. This is wonderful Mercedes! Congratulations for the courage and discipline to commit to an audience. Holding onto our personal dreams and pursuits while ushering a new being and nurturing her needs, is challenging. I wish you the best, rest when you can and look forward to continuing to share this time with you. And...consider getting a massage!

  2. Awesome Mercedes! I'm definitely looking forward to being one of your East Coast readers!

  3. Hey Mercedes!

    I'm so glad that you're participating in this special form of sharing and accountability.

    Having just gotten back from the Residency, I'm having to take serious stock of what kind of blogging I do and how much time I spend on it. I like how you've set a contained space for what you plan to do. I really think that blogging is a great 'adjunct space' for showing up to the page: between the 'accountability' and the 'real/rawness' of it, I've found it a useful crucible many times.

  4. Glad to see your writing online! I never regret a moment that I spend blogging. Looking forward to this Tuesday.